It all started with Albert Munro receiving a letter from Mrs Lily Southgate sometime in 1946 (she never did date her letters) in order to inaugurate a new Afghan Club, which Mr Reg Floyd wished to get going.

The meeting took place at the King's Head, Putney. At the meeting, the business of starting the new Club was transacted (the procedure was simpler then) and it was decided to call it the Southern Afghan Club.

Officers and Committee were elected, the original Officers being Mr Reg Floyd (President), Mr Leo Wilson (Chairperson), Mrs Lily Southgate (Secretary), Mrs Jessie Polson (Treasurer) and Mr Albert Munro (ViceChairperson). This team pressed ahead, and came eventually to the holding of the first show. The fee for entering this show was one guinea and membership of the Southern Afghan Club was also one guinea.

In 1946, the press wrote about us thus - 'The Southern Afghan Club is now officially recognized, and with a strong Committee, and enthusiastic Secretary, should now forge ahead'